• Applications for Dexterity to College — National Scholar Development Program (NSDP) - Summer 2024 will go live on Oct 10, 2023.

    Please note: One cannot apply to be a Dexterity to College fellow. Only NSDP candidates on completion of the three-month long program can indicate, apply and potentially get inducted as a Dexterity to College fellow. NSDP is a full scholar development program in itself.

  • Program Information

    National Scholar Development Program (NSDP) — Winter 2023


    Dexterity to College is open to all Indian school students (grades 6 - 10), college students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and young professionals (under 30) who aspire to use their college education to make a difference to India and the world.

    Timeline and Stages

    National Scholar Development Program (NSDP): Oct - Dec 2023


    Dexterity to College Fellowship - Fellows Development Program (FDP): Dec 2023 - Lifetime

    (Only if an NSDP candidate indicates and applies to the fellowship at the end of three-month long training.)


    Candidates remain in their respective districts and homes and access the program through digital classroom, lectures, office hours, etc. Each candidate must have a working device and an active internet connection.

    Application Deadline

    The last date to submit an application for Dexterity to College - National Scholar Development Program (NSDP) was September 20, 2023.


    Note: Please do not wait until the last minute to submit an application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and shortlist notifications are sent every week. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early.

    Information for students from Low and Middle-Income families

    Dexterity Global's financial aid policy says, "Pay only if you can". Dexterity's Office of Financial Aid ensures that Dexterity to College is accessible to students from all income groups and zip codes. These cases may include but are not limited to low and middle-income families facing significant financial hardships, students who have lost a parent or an earning member of the family, families with Below Poverty Line (BPL) card, students attending lower income schools or those who come from disadvantaged and underserved communities.


    Note: Applicants must indicate on their application that they would like to be considered for need-based financial aid.

  • Deadline: Sep 20, 2023