• Dexterity to College training happens in two stages:


    National Scholar Development Program (NSDP)

    April - June 2024
    Candidates from Grade 6 to 9 can apply for NSDP. Once selected, candidates undergo a three-month long National Scholar Development Program (NSDP) that trains young leaders as next generation scholars capable of producing world-class research and scholarship and thriving at world's topmost universities. At the completion of NSDP, all candidates receive a graduation certificate. All NSDP candidates continue to receive recommendation letters for future undergraduate and graduate programs and special leadership and fellowship programs.


    The rigorously designed national camp comprises of monthly modules, coursework, reading material and assignments. Every topic covered—ranging from the application process for top colleges to professional competencies as research, communication and storytelling—enables candidates to successfully transition to top colleges and excel in college and workplace.


    Dexterity to College Fellowship - Fellows Development Program (FDP)

    June 2024 - ​Lifetime
    After three-month long NSDP, some NSDP candidates are awarded a lifelong Dexterity to College Fellowship and become a part of the Fellows Development Program (FDP), a world-class mentoring program with rigorous training and personalized mentoring for world's top-ranked colleges, which continues even after our fellows go to top undergraduate and graduate institutions in the world. In application year, candidates receive intensive personalized application support and mentoring. In college, each Dexterity to College fellow undergoes a monthly FDP review meeting, has one-on-one sessions and office hours with Dexterity mentors and continues to meet and grow with other exceptional Dexterity to College fellows at Regional, National and Overseas Meetup and Retraining Programs (RMRP, NMRP and OMRPs).


    Dexterity to College fellows serve as ambassadors of India at global institutions, dedicate their education and careers to solve challenging problems, gain from a global network of Dexterity to College fellows and continue to receive life-long mentoring and guidance from the organization.