• "Equipping young people with the mentality to solve 21st century problems."

  • Dexterity to College Alumni have perfect scores in all major standardized tests and are among the top 0.1 percent students in the world.

    SAT Mathematics Level II

    800/800 (99th percentile)


    SAT Physics

    800/800 (99th percentile)

    ACT English

    35/36 (99th percentile)


    ACT Mathematics

    35/36 (99th percentile)

    Advanced Mathematics (Calculus)


  • ₹116,30,00,000+

    The sum total of scholarships our alumni have received from institutions around the world.

  • Since 2014, Dexterity to College has enabled students and young professionals to receive a world-class education and move forward in their careers.

    116 Crores+

    scholarship received by Dexterity to College fellows


    fellows come from low-income families


    admission offers from globally ranked universities

  • Did you know?

    Each day in a calendar year, D2C Fellows receive an average of ₹12,09,729​/day in scholarships.

  • Dexterity to College (D2C) alumni choose careers in public service and nation building.

    Scholarship, Research and Academia

    Our alumni have written and presented over 1000+ research papers at global forums — serving as ambassadors of Indian thought in global academia.

    Nation-building and Public Service

    Our alumni put their education to use — they serve in remotest towns and districts of India, Africa and the rest of the developing world.

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Our alumni lead nonprofit organizations, VC backed tech companies and wide-reaching media houses that address some of the most pressing problems of our times.

  • Dexterity to College (D2C) alumni attend the world's best institutions.

    From public policy and foreign policy to medical science and engineering research, from finance and economics to arts and music — D2C alumni are changing the world through scholarship, research and service.